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Starting out his drumming career being influenced by bands like Kiss, Van Halen, Journey, The Who and many more, it was in the late 80's and early 90's when ETRC started to look into a music career. After a somewhat successful run in an original band and many other cover bands ETRC was at a point in his career that he wanted to do something different and more fun.

In 2006 he entered into the Kiss Tribute world as Eric Carr in his band called "Creatures of the Night", later to be renamed "Kissalize". "Kissalize" was a Kiss tribute based out of Louisiana, which is where ETRC was located at the time. After a few shows ETRC relocated back to Pennsylvania to try and reform the band with a new lineup but it wasn't meant to be at the time. He then started to show up at Kiss expos and conventions dressed as Eric Carr. It was at that time a guy working for Eric at one of those Expos saw him in full makeup and costume and was very impressed. After talking with ETRC about the amazing likeness, he brought ETRC's info back to the Caravello family.

In 2010 ETRC and Loretta Caravello formed a loose working relationship and a tight friendship. It was at this point ETRC start to work close with Eric at expos promoting merchandise of Eric Carr's. In 2011 ETRC and Loretta launched Eric Carr's Rockheads to the world along with their very own comic book. Along with that came more merchandise and appearances.

Working closely with the Caravello family, he tributes and promotes Eric Carr to keep his character and memory alive. He has been blessed to appear on Eric and become very close friends with Eric Carr's family.