Fan of the month

Fan of the month:
May/June fan of the month is Lisa Burgoon 
Lisa is a long time Kiss fan. One of her favorite members is Paul Stanley but she is also a big Eric Carr fan. Lisa has been a strong supporter of mine for over 10 years . Here she shows her support in her ETRC THE FOX shirt. Lisa Burgoon your the FAN OF THE MONTH Go to the NEW Fan of the month page for more.
April's fan of the month is Kayleigh Shroyer. She has been an Eric Carr fan as long as a big Kiss fan to. At the benefit for Emma she enjoyed watching me play Blck Diamond and became a big fan of mine. Kayleigh YOU ARE APRIL's FAN OF THE MONTH
If you'd like to be a Fan of the month here go to our Contact us page and email us a photo and a short bio and we will go through and hopefully pick you to be the next Fan of the month